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The phone w550i was showing white screen, WSOD.

Hi bought a Sony Ericsson W550i 1 year back. Its a excellent phone. Well everything was going good in my life. But since two weeks ago lightning strike on me when my phone was stuck in WSOD - White Screen of Death. The phone w550i was showing white screen when i try to start and same thing was happing again & again when i start my Sony Ericsson w550i mobile. "I tried all the common engineer tricks which i know, like restart no use, take out battery and restart still no use, i got a very feelling at this point and i felt like 2 lightning strike on me at the same time.

When i search on web for this "WSOD" (White Screen of Death) problem. it pointed out to me that it's quite a known problem and number of people have had this. web search says its a problem of firmware (
What is firmware ?) in Sony Ericsson W550i. Well firmware flash can resolve this problem. I try to update my w550i from Sony ericsson's website to upgrade the firmware. I tried two three but it stopped at 90% updation.

Then i took my W550i to Sony ericsson service center which is near to my home. After checking the warranty card they told me that your 1 year warranty is over. So i ask them "how mutch it cost to resolve the problem ? The person said Rs. 300 ( around $ 7). I said ok it fine, so when should i come to take my phone, he told me to come at evening.

Well If you had the same "WSOD White Screen of Death" problem with your mobile, you can Share, suggest and comment what worked for you.

Important Notices :

  • Avoid use of multiple things at onetime in your mobile (Exp: music+game+internet).
  • Dont pull the USB connectivity from the PC without stopping the device. It is Better to transfer & receive your data via useing Bluetooth connectivity.
  • My research show that this "WSOD White Screen of Death" problem mainly comes with latest software. The older vol: R4CA004 works just fine.

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Anonymous said...

I had the "white screen" problem last week with my W550i, and I found the solution and now it works better than before! I don't know if I was lucky but none of the saved pics, mp3s, notes, games, themes etc. that I had download were deleted!

You will need W550i 's USB.

You have to download the updated

PC Suite 2.0.60 (for Windows 2000)
Sony Ericsson PC Suite 2.10.38 (for Windows Vista/XP)

Go to the Sony Ericsson the website ( select your country and then select "support" > "Update Service" > "Download page" (it is in the middle of the page) and download the file "Download Update_Service_Setup- " to your PC. Before running the application read the Requirements about the Operating System of your PC. Then run the downloaded file, and follow the instructions that appear.

Iphone support said...

Visit Sony Ericsson Mobile to see more details

kamaljit said...

I have w550i mob set, its really a marvlous set but one thing i feel which really frustrate me that it dont have the secret codes as in NOKIA which gives the information to user about the life timer, serial no, warrantry etc if sony has this facility please tell me


No-Name said...


prepaid said...

thanks for this tips!

Anonymous said...

I have tried the tips, but when it comes to updating, pressing c button seems useless. Nothing seems to happen? May I know why? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

hey guys, thanks for the tip, i downloaded the update, and the WSOD dissapeared!!
Thanks again, a lot!
Greetings, from mexico!

Anonymous said...

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niroj said...


Its great to know about mobile technology..well i do have one problem in Sony Ericsson W395. It works if its flipped on, while flipping down it shows white screen and switches off.
I dont have any idea if its WSOD or not, guys can you help me out??

vinodh said...

i have the same problem WSOD
but my USB is not detected by my PC and other PC's also

and other mobiles are being detected by my PC

only w550 is not being detected

so what to do now?

Anonymous said...

sony ericsson with slider phone of any version has same white screen problem for some gap for some months. because of constant use.

Its always useful when you use some techniques like keep always slider open no matter what dam shit problem happens.

Keep in mind that you always keep your slider open even thou its sound crazy once its repaired for white screen.

Open position for sider will not let future damage to sliders problems.

hope this helps.

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is there any auto update app ?
which update the data automatic ?

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Cannan Charity said...

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